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6 dynamic children’s rooms that you will fall in love with

Children’s rooms don’t always have to follow a schedule. The truth is that our children need more activity every day, or rather we are more aware that they are more active during the day and should be in order to let the vitality out at night. Dynamic children’s rooms offer …

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Natural children’s room in wood with a cool desk

We know it’s no longer time to study, but it’s the perfect time to make a reformation in the nursery, and contain such beautiful pieces as this delicate wooden desk† A detail we’ve loved so that it becomes part of the favorite areas of study we’ve seen so far. And …

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Romantic bedrooms for girls – DecoPeques

Romantic Girls Bedrooms: Not Without My Canopy! Sometimes we mothers insist on giving our daughters a very modern bedroom, with the latest trends in decoration, we would like to replicate in their nursery that ideal photo that we have on our mind because we have it in the present magazine …

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