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Montessori sheets with small pictures

You already know that we feel weak for these online stores that take maximum care of their products. It’s not the first time we bring you material from small paintings, but this time we do it with something very special, with his Montessori photos. They have several options that seem …

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Incredible furniture for children: the rocket chair

We spend the day looking for inspiration for decorating children’s spaces, and we already know a lot of the children’s furniture currently on the market. But sometimes there are things that grab attention and make us stop more than usual to discover what new idea we are confronted with. Well …

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Details in natural wood for children’s decoration

Yes, textiles, wallpaper and other elements are important in children’s decoration. But I don’t want to focus on that today. Today I want to focus on details that give warmth. Elements that add up and make these rooms a little more inviting. I want to talk about wooden objects. Small …

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