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10 Ideas to organize and furnish the children’s study space

romantic and beautiful children’s desk with stools in different colors that contrast with a delicate wallpaper of small flowers Before thinking about how beautiful the nursery will be and getting started, it is very important to arrange the study space according to some fundamental variables. To do this, at the …

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Stuva children’s furniture from Ikea

New collection of children’s furniture “Stuva” from Ikea a short while ago Ikea has a completely new collection of children’s furniture† It is called “Stuva” and it has many options for dimensions, finishes and options so that you can adapt it to the nursery† We have not published this novelty …

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Collection Rebel of Houses of the World

Our little ones are growing. They grow up and start to have different flavors. It is good to let our children express themselves through the arrangement of their bedrooms. Bearing in mind that teenagers may no longer feel comfortable with such light colors or childish decor, houses like Houses of …

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