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What is a baby gym?

No, we don’t mean a gym with a bunch of babies lifting weights. A baby gym is nothing more than a childcare product that our baby lies down through and on which hang some elements such as rattles, dolls and other objects full of colors and varied textures. What is …

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Vintage and very original baby rooms

Vintage children’s rooms have a lot of charm, we can all agree on that, but these rooms can also be very original, as we see in this space from Milk magazine† They have decided that the furniture is secondary, with simple lines and basic tones. But the stone walls decorated …

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A baby room with a green crib

If there’s one color we like to decorate the baby’s room, it’s definitely green. Why the green one? Because it definitely comes from the blue and pink color scheme, which while respectable isn’t the only thing we can use in these rooms. In addition, green is nature, it is hope …

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