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Cheap inspiration for the playroom

The January slope seems to be going away, we know that, but it’s never a bad time to bring out our most creative side while cutting the budget when it comes to furnishing or altering a space. And this time it occurs to us that we can look for a …

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A playroom inspired by the Montessori method

The Montessori method can be extended to any part of our home. However, it seems appropriate that, as a method that strives for the autonomy of the little ones and a much more self-sufficient development, we apply this method with much more care in children’s spaces. In a playroom it …

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A playroom in the basement

Today we are going to Alberta. Specific to the house of Merissa, a designer who showcases environments as beautiful as this one. It is his own house, specifically the basement. A space that she did not hesitate to furnish with her husband to make it the best play space we …

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